April 17, 2017

Victory Circle for New Orleans

A Blue Star Memorial Opportunity

Blue Star & Gold Star Memorials

Memorial Day at Veterans Square

Memorial Day at Veterans Square in Metairie. 

Part of the Blue Star Memorial Highway System


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Council Votes to Sell Lee Monument

In 1905, the City Park Improvement Association Board voted to Tender the land for Free that became known as Beauregard Circle to the Monument Association. 

At the time the Monument Association had the option to place the statue on the grounds of Camp Nicholls Veteran Home, located just across Bayou St. John.

City Park benefited by having a beautiful piece of art to draw people to the park.

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Camp Nicholls Obtained Confererate Submarine in 1909

The Camp Nicholls Veterans' Home obtained a submarine discovered in 1909 at the end of Bayou St. John and displayed it.

The Veterans' Home was raised with private funds and opened in 1884 to care for veterans. It would have been a suitable place for the Beauregard Statue had not City Park desired the statue to increase traffic to the park.

In 1915 the Beauregard Statue was placed across the Bayou from Camp Nicholls.

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Mayor Convicted of Stealing Artifacts

Former Mayor Stephen Reed of Harrisburg, PA was convicted of stealing $30 Million in artifacts for a Wild West Museum in January 2017.

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Council Votes to Sell Lee Monument

The City of Charlottesville's City Council voted to sell its Robert E Lee Monument. The City of New Orleans' City Council & Mayor's office has refused to discuss its plans on a Council Agenda in over 2 years.

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New Orleans Mayor's Office discussing Monument Transfer

According to The Hayride, a City Attorney confirmed the Mayor's Office is in discussions with a Private Museum on Slavery to display New Orleans Monuments worth millions.

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Victory Circle Honors All who served, currently serve, and will serve.




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Next Steps...

Please sign and share or petition for the City of New Orleans to create a Blue Star Memorial near the National World War II Museum.