April 1, 2017

Victory Circle for New Orleans

A Blue Star Memorial Opportunity

Survey & Petition

Victory Circle Petition 108




Petition with a goal of 100,000 to show support to repurpose Lee Circle as Veterans Circle to "Honoro all Veterans of All Wars."

Petition for Victory Circle







Parades for over 24 different days honoring Veterans could be held




Navajo Code Talkers 1

We are losing our last WWII Survivors Quickly

Let's get this done while we can still invite World War II Veterans to attend.


Less than 10 Navajo Code Talkers remain.











Steamboat April 20 Bus

Survey & Petition



Survey on relocating removed statues to a facility that meets the conditions (indoors, such as a museum) of the City Council Ordinance 146-611:

3 minute Survey on relocating statues






New Roads Victory Circle (39)

Blue Star Memorial Point Coupee

Franklin (52)

Blue Star Memorial Franklin

Miss Gulf Coast Gold Star (5)

Blue Star Memorial Biloxi










10,000 Signatures to request a Charter Amendment.






Vicksburg (74)

Vicksburg Mississippi converted square honoring Confederates to Square honoring all

Vicksburg added: World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to its Veterans Square





Steamboat April 20 1 (4)

20,000 Square Foot Steamboat Museum

Part of the Louisiana Scenic Trails and Byways program

New Roads Victory Circle (39)

Pointe Coupe Victory Circle

Part of the Blue Star Memorial Highway



The Senate hears opinion that the New Orleans City Council violated due process on its Monument Proceedings










Next Steps...

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