April 1, 2017

Victory Circle for New Orleans

A Blue Star Memorial Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Did Lee, Beauregard, and Davis Commit Treason?

No. Davis was hoping for a Trial that would allow him to prove the Constitution permitted Succession.  Both Lee and Beauregard were employed by the U S Army at the time Virginia and Louisiana voted to secede.

Virginia originally voted to stay in the Union until Lincoln decided to send in troops through Virginia to put down the rebellion in South Carolina.

In Louisiana the popular vote was 53%-47% in favor of secession.

What plans exists for the Monuments?

A proposal was submitted in early May 2018 to  return them to the orginal donors who wanted to place them in Greenwood Cemetery and been declined.

Another proposal to place them at the soon to be completed SteamBoat Museum at Darrow has been was submitted in September 2018.

Is there a Federal Law protecting Monuments to Veterans?

There is, but only on Federal Land, we think New Orleans should put the same context into its City Charter.