10,000 Signatures to request a Charter Amendment. We are near 3,000 and siging fast

The following Petition provides a solution to protect and restore to New Orleans’s historic landmarks of U.S. Military Veterans, and create accountability for the Mayor and City Council Officials.  The plan would require any landmark removed after January 1, 2017 to be restored and returned to its original location.

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Sadly, the Mayor has removed three monuments to US Military Veterans from the Mexican-American War removed just before Memorial Day 2017.

Other monuments to World War I veterans and War of 1812 Veterans have been asked to be removed. These actions must be stopped.

We would like to Remove the Mayor and all Council Members the second Monday in January 2018.

We also supported a Petition to Install the Mayor Elect from the 2017 Election on the Second Monday in January 2018 from Nolasmarterinaguration.org



tedn jackson 2

Efforts are ongoing in New Orleans to Remove the Monument to Andrew Jacskon and others

Senators P.J. Morrell and Karen Peterson voted against sending HB-71 to the full Senate for a vote.

The next option is to present a qualified petition to the city council to enhance the city charter to Protect Monuments to Military Veterans.


Testimony before the Senate on Protecting Monuments to US Military Veterans



Cover of Ballot Petition

Ballot Petition for New Orleans

We want to draft the wording that goes before the voters on a Measure to Protect Monuments to US Military Veterans.  Please help us obtain 10,000 original signatures so that we, the Citizens of New Orleans,  control the process.

TEDN Henry Clay 4

HB-71 - Testimony before Senate Committee

Take 'em Down Nola has identified five more statues to be removed in round two.  U S Senator Henry Clay is one of the five.  


Louisiana Resident and Former Atherton, CA Mayor testifies that in his opinion The New Orleans City Council violated due process during its hearings on the four monuments to US Military Veterans it voted to remove.

The Senate hears opinion that the New Orleans City Council violated due process on its Monument Proceedings










The Monuments Bring Awareness to Modern Day Slavery and Showcase Solutions

Twenty million work as slaves in mining, fishing, and manufacturing. Louisiana shrimpers compete with shrimp harvested from slaves in Asia.  The French Quarter is impacted with women trafficked as sex-slaves.

Sex Trafficking impacts thousands in America, with the SuperBowl a major event for Sex Trafficking.  General Lee is overlooking the French Quarter, where rescuers operate to free over 200 women and young girls per year.

Since  Lee's birthday is January 16th, near the time of the Superbowl and Human Trafficking Awareness Month, an opportunity exists to leverage Lee's words to promote Awareness.


Preventing the City Council and Mayor from Removing Landmarks and Artifacts to US Military Veterans and transferring to campaign donors

In January 2017,  long time Harrisburg, PA Mayor Stephen Reed was convicted of stealing over $30 Million in artifacts from the city. He had an obsession with Wild West Artifacts. His sentence was only 9 months.

We wish to put in the ability for residents to seek remedies against New Orleans authorities should they take down monuments and commit abuses that allow friends or their campaign donors to end up with priceless artifacts.  The current removal should be stopped until such a process is in place.

Stephen Reed

Next Steps...

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